Our Menu:

The Corrales Bistro Brewery is open from 8AM to 10PM 7 days a week serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Try our unique entrees and specials from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Click on one of the icons below to view either a PDF or Microsoft Word version of our menu and call for our special desserts and entrees!

The Menu of the Corrales Bistro Brewery is meant to be a fusion of cultures and ideas.  We have several mottos.  The first is “if you are not crossing a cultural boundary you can try harder”.  The other is “Make yourself at home” and we know that opens us up to some bizarre behavior.  Don’t worry, We have our traditional values in tact.  Our hand cut French fried potatoes with yams are as honest as they come.  We use time tested methods to making tasty creations.  Our wonderful selection of New Mexico beers and Carefully chosen wine list is in itself rare culture in a cup.  Pair them up with selections of quality roasted meats, cheeses salads and vegetarian presentations for a fine evening with friends or making new ones.

We do have a limited Children's Menu just ask your server!!

Breakfast Corrales Bistro Brewery Menu Download (PDF)
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Lunch & Dinner Corrales Bistro Brewery Menu Download (PDF)
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Our Food:

Enjoy some pictures!

Chile Cheese Fries

Grilled Salmon Salad

Green Chili Cheeseburger

Blue Burger

Muddy Muffin
Muddy Muffin